The Jes on the Water 2016-17

Each year the Coláiste Iognáid Rowing Club competes in a number of heads of river and regattas around the country, culminating in the Irish National Rowing Championships at the National Rowing Centre in County Cork.

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Lough Rynn Regatta
Castlecconnell Regatta
Limerick & Schools Regattas
Skibbereen Regatta
St Michaels Head of River
Indoor Events
Head of the Shannon
Castleconnell Head of River

Lough Rynn Regatta 

The Jes travelled to Co. Leitrim again this year for the Lough Rynn Regatta. A large number of clubs were in attendance and this led to some great racing at this excellent rowing venue. It was a very long day for the Jes rowers with our first crews on the water soon after 8.00am and racing continued until 6.00pm. The weather on the day was challenging, particularly when the wind picked up in the afternoon. While this did result in some races being cancelled, it did not affect many of the Jes crews.

Fresh from their dead heat in Castleconnellthe previous week, the J15 boys eight had another outstanding row. They took the honours with a very convincing win over a highly competitive field. The winning crew was Dylan Finan, Aaron deBurca, Alex Morales-Glynn, Oliver Kelly, Mark Ward, Eamon OTuathail, Niall Cahalan, Gavin Dempsey and Paul Tannian(cox). Four of that crew then went on to win in the J15 quad. They were Alex Morales, Oliver Kelly, Gavin Dempsey, Niall Cahalan and Paul Tannian (cox).

The winning J15 8+ heading down to the start (l to r): Paul Tannian (cox), Gavin Dempsey, Niall Cahalan, Eamonn O Tuathail, Mark Ward, Oliver Kelly, Alex Morales-Glynn, Aaron deBurca, Dylan Finan

At the stakeboats for the start of the girls J16 quad final with the Jes boat in the foreground (above) l to r: Isabella Gannon, Elise Carney-Frazier, Roisin McGrath
...and they are off (below)

Pictures of concentration before the start of the J18 8+ final: Philip Buckley (above) and Tom Kavanagh (below)

The girls J16 8+ that was narrowly beaten in the final are just crossing the finish line (l to r): Lanah Acton, Kate Hume, Amy O'Gorman, Roisin McGrath, Katie Ryan, Ellen Forde, Elise Carney-Frazier, Isabella Gannon, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

The boys J16 8+just lost out to Enniskillen (l to r): Fionn Ryan (cox), Tom McGuinness, Tom Kavanagh, Eamon O Tuathail, Thomas Hume, Sam Reidy, Luke Flynn, Daire Elberse, Niall Cahalan

The crew that competed in the club quad (l to r): Fionn Ryan (cox), Caoimhin Conway, Cian McHale, Seamus O'Donoghue, Brian Maye

The first year boys quad (above) and the first year girls quad (below)

The girls quad (l to r): Tara O'Neill, Clara O'Gorman, Rachel Dempsey, Charlotte Conneely

Relaxing between races



Castleconnell Regatta 

Colaiste Iognaid Rowing Club had a very successful trip to Castleconnell County Limerick on Saturday 6th of May. The well attended regatta concentrated mainly on underage rowing with a record entry of 420 crews and the Jes brought its under fourteen and fifteen rowers only.

The Jes recorded eight wins and many good performances for their crews coached by Luke Sheridan, Alex Burke, Kai McGlacken and David Young. The best race of the day saw the Jes under 15 boys eight deadheat for first with St Michaels RC, Limerick in the under 15 eights final. It was only the second time that the boys had raced in the eight.

The wins were as follows:
MJ 15 Quadruple Scull: Gavin Dempsey, Mark Ward, Niall Cahalan, Aaron Burke. Cox Fiachra Gallagher

MJ 15 Double Scull: Niall Cahalan Mark Ward

MJ 15 Single Scull: Aaron Burke

MJ 14 Double Scull: Mark Ward, Tom Maye

MJ 14 single Scull: Tom Maye

WJ 15 Quadruple Scull: Kate Hume, Lanah Acton, Sarah Trench, Amy O'Gorman. Cox Paul Tannian

WJ 14 Single Scull : Kate Hume

MJ 15 Eight; Gavin Dempsey, Niall Cahalan, Eamon O Tuathail, Mark Ward, Aaron Burke, Alex Morales, Paul Tannian, Dylan Finan. Cox Amy O'Gorman

Photos of some of these crews now follow:

The MJ15 4X+ crew: (l to r) Gavin Dempsey, Mark Ward, Niall Cahalan, Aaron Burke. Front: Fiachra Gallagher (cox)

The J15 8+ who finished in a dead heat: (l to r) Gavin Dempsey, Niall Cahalan, Eamon O Tuathail, Mark Ward, Aaron Burke, Alex Morales, Paul Tannian, Dylan Finan. Front: Amy O Gorman (cox)
Kate Hume was a winner in the girls J14 single scull
Tom Maye was out in front in the boys J14 scull

Mark Ward (left) teamed up with Tom Maye for a win in the boys J14 double
The victorious girls J15 quad: (l to r) Sarah Trench, Amy O'Gorman, Lanah Acton, Kate Hume. Front: Paul Tannian (cox)


Limerick, Schools Regattas 

The Limerick and Schools Regattas took place at O'Briens bridge on April 22nd, 23rd and the Jes had full crews at both events. So it was a very busy weekend for the Jes as the crews travelled up and down on both days. It was also the first time at a regatta for the first year rowers and they put in some very fine performances.

The Schools regatta attracted the largest every entry with almost 500 crews representing 70 schools from all four provinces. Over the weekend, the Jes crews had five wins with most of these coming in eights. The boys J16 eight did the double by winning at both regattas. For the girls J16 eight, it was a case of three in a row at the Schools Regatta as they have now taken the honours in that race for the last three years - a tremendous achievement given the level of competition at the regatta.

Limerick Regatta winning crews

Girls J18 coxless four

Boys J16 eight+

Schools Regatta winning crews

Girls U23 eight

Girls U16 eight

Boys J16 eight

The girls J18 coxless four who took the honours at the Limerick Regatta (l to r) Laoise NiGhriofa, Roisin Gavin, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann NicDhonncha

The girls had a comfortable win in the girls J18 eight (back row I to r): Noel Hume (coach), Caoileann NicDhonncha, Rachel O’Malley-Raecke, Roisin Gavin, Laoise NiGhriofa, Luke Smyth (coach), (front row l to r) Rachel Trench, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Molly Curtis, Sarah Curtis.

The boys crew who won the J16 eight: (back row l to r) Tom Kavanagh, Thomas Hume, Eamon OTuathail, Tom McGuinness, Mattie Kelly (coach), (front row l to r) Sam Reidy, Fionn Ryan (cox), Niall Cahalan, Luke Flynn.

The winning crew in the girls J16 eight: (back row l to r) Isabelle Gannon, Elise Carney-Frazier, Ellen Forde, Katie Ryan, (front row l to r) Lanah Acton, Kate Hume, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Amy O’Gorman, Roisin McGrath.



Skibbereen Regatta

The Skibbereen Regatta was the first major event in the 2017 rowing calendar and it brought a very large crowd to the National Rowing Centre in Cork.  It attracted almost 2000 athletes from all parts of the country with a notable feature being the appearance of the Olympic medallist O’Donovan brothers, along with a host of other Olympian and international level competitors.

A particular highlight for the girls crews was meeting with the O'Donovan brothers. As the photo below shows, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It turned out to be a tremendous weekend for the Colaiste Iognaid rowers on the water and included wins in the three of the four races for eights at the under-age level. The first of these wins came in the boys J16 8+ where the Jes rowers continued their good form from earlier in the season with a convincing win.  The successful crew was Niall Cahalan, Daire Elberse, Tom Kavanagh, Eamon OTuathail, Thomas Hume, Sam Reidy, Luke Flynn, Tom McGuinness and Fionn Ryan (cox). Not to be outdone, the girls J16 8+, featuring a very young crew, came through very strongly in their final to take the honours.   The J16 crew was Lanah Acton, Roisin McGrath, Katie Ryan, Ellen Forde, Amy O’Gorman, Kate Hume, Elise Carney-Frazier, Isabelle Gannon and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox).

Winners of the boys J16 eight were (I to r): Tom McGuinness, Luke Flynn, Sam Reidy, Thomas Hume, Fionn Ryan (cox), Eamon OTuathail, Tom Kavanagh, Daire Elberse, Niall Cahalan

The winning girls J16 eight: (l to r) Isabelle Gannon, Elise Carney-Frazier, Kate Hume, Amy O’Gorman, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Ellen Forde, Katie Ryan, Roisin McGrath, Lanah Acton
There was also a dominant performance from the girls J18 8+ who had a relatively easy win over their rivals.  The crew was made up of Molly Curtis, Sarah Curtis, Katie Ryan, Rachel Trench, Laoise NiGhriofa, Roisin Gavin, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann NicDhonncha and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox). The other win for the Jes at the regatta came in the girls J18 single scull.  Here Caoileann NicDhonncha outshone some stiff opposition to take the girls sculling title.  There were also strong performances from Jes crews in some of the other races so there is much to look forward to as the summer regatta season approaches.

The successful girls J18 eight: (l to r) Molly Curtis, Sarah Curtis, Katie Ryan, Rachel Trench, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Laoise NiGhriofa, Roisin Gavin, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann NicDhonncha

Caoileann NicDhonncha who won the girls J18 single scull at the Skibbereen Regatta


St Michaels Head of the River

The rescheduled St Michaels Head took place on Saturday, March 18th at OBriens Bridge. The Jes took a large squad of 61 rowers to this, the first event on the water in 2017.

On the day, there were three wins for the Jes rowers. The boys J16 8+ had a very good victory in their first race over the season where they got the better of a number of Pres crews. The winning eight was Niall Cahalan (bow), Tom Kavanagh, Liam Carton, Eamon OTuathail, Thomas Hums, Sam Reidy, Luke Flynn, Tom McGuinness and Fionn Ryan (cox). Elsewhere in sculling, Caoileann NicDhonncha continued her good form from last year and, despite stepping up to J18, she took the honours over a competitive field. In the boys J15 scull, Aaron deBurca crossed the line in first place.

We didn't get many photos from this Head but we should have more from future events.

The girls J18 8+ (l to r): Elise Carney Frazier, Hazel McNamara, Sarah Curtis, Rachel Trench, Laoise NiGhriofa, Roisin Gavin, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann NicDhonncha, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

Seamus O'Donoghue heading towards the finish line in the intermediate scull

Mark Ryder competed in the boys 18 scull

Boys J18 pair: Daragh Coen (bow) and Philip Buckley (stroke)

Indoor Rowing

Over the winter months, the Jes rowers took part in a number of indoor rowing competitions. There was the Get Going Get Rowing indoor blitz in Trinity for the younger rowers on November 11th. There was also the Irish Indoor Rowing competition at UL on January 21st.

The 1st year rowers at a great day at the Trinity blitz with very strong performances from both the boys and girls crews. For the boys, it was 1st place in the under 14 relay who took the honours against 21 crews from all parts of Ireland. A picture of a very happy winning crew follows below.


Head of the Shannon

In December, the Jes rowers headed north to Carrick-on-Shannon for the Head of the Shannon. Only the senior rowers went to this Head and, despite a very cold day, it proved to be an enjoyable day out with the town centre location adding to the athmosphere. The Jes did have a number of wins on the day including teh boys J15 8+ who got the better of Portora.

A number of photos follow below.

A big effort from the J18 four (l to r): Philip Buckley, Daragh Coen, Brian Maye, Shane O'Halloran and Fionn Ryan (cox)

Cox Aoibhinn McPhillips checks out the course before the race

A huge effort from the girls J18 8+ (l to r): Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Rachel Trench, Caoileann NicDhonncha, Laoise NiGhriofa, Ciara Walsh, Roisin Gavin, Sarah Curtis, Molly Curtis, Holly McHugh

The girls J16 8+ (l to r): Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Isabella Gannon, Holly McHugh, Ellen Forde, Ciara Walsh, Roisin McGrath, Elise Carney Frazier, Katie Ryan, Hazel McNamara

Mark Ryder is a picture of concentration in his scull

J16 quad (l to r) Fionn Ryan (cox), Luke Flynn, Thomas Hume, Sam Reidy, Liam Carton

Castleconnell Head of the River

This year again, the first event of the year for the Jes was the Castleconnell Head of the River.  A very large team travelled for this – 66 rowers including 25 first years.   It was an extremely enjoyable day with excellent rowing conditions and the younger rowers in particular got some good opportunities to take to the water for competitive experience.

Some of the 1st year boys getting their boat ready for racing

There were plenty of very good performances from the Jes rowers, although as it was an early season event, it was very much about trying out new crew combinations.  The Jes did pick up three wins and interestingly they all came in the eights.  The boys J18 eight had a convincing win in their category.  This was a very good performance in a boat that was a mixture of last year’s crew (five) with three younger under 16 rowers.  The full crew was Tom Kavanagh, Sam Reidy, Thomas Hume, Brian Maye, Daragh Coen, Philip Buckley, Seamus O'Donoghue, Mark Ryder and Fionn Ryan (cox).

The girls J18 eight was also victorious with four from last year’s senior cohort and the remainder from the 2016 J16 crew.  Their time was the third fastest for all ladies crews on the day and it was tremendous to see such a strong result from this group of girls.    The boat consisted of Holly McHugh, Roisin Gavin, Molly Curtis, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Ciara Walsh, Laoise NiGhriofa, Elise Carney-Frazier, Sarah Curtis and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

Another extremely encouraging result came in the boys J15 eight.  For many of them, it was their first time racing in an eight and this boat also took the win.  The crew was Dara Elbers, Niall Cahalan, Liam Carton, Sam Reidy, Thomas Hume, Tom Kavanagh, Luke Flynn, Tom McGuinness and Fionn Ryan(cox). 

Elsewhere, there were some highly impressive 2nd place finishes in the girls J18 coxless quad, the girls J16 quad and the boys J14 quad.  It was also great to see so many 1st years row for the first time in Castleconnell.  They seemed to enjoy themselves very much – two octs with the girls and two octs with the boys.

Finally, the club had two rowers qualify for the Bulls vs Bears race (a race between two eights) – Daragh Coen and Brian Maye.  They were in the winning Bulls eight which was coxed by Fionn Ryan.

Our thanks to all of the coaches who prepared the rowers and supported them in Castleconnell on the day and to the parents and others who helped with the travel and other arrangements.

The impressive boys J18 eight (l to r): Fionn Ryan (cox), Mark Ryder, Seamus O'Donoghue, Philip Buckley, Daragh Coen, Brian Maye, Thomas Hume, Sam Reidy, Tom Kavanagh

The winning girls J18 eight (l to r) Aoibhinn McPhillips, Sarah Curtis, Elise Carney-Frazier, Laoise NiGhriofa, Ciara Walsh, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Molly Curtis, Roisin Gavin, Holly McHugh

A great performance from the boys J15 eight (l to r): Fionn Ryan (cox), Tom McGuinness, Luke Flynn, Tom Kavanagh, Thomas Hume, Sam Reidy, Liam Carton, Niall Cahalan, Dara Elbers

Philip Buckley (left) and Seamus O'Donoghue are well coordinated as they head to the start for the boys J18 pair.

Brian Maye (left) and Daragh Coen were also in the J18 pair

Mark Ryder was in the boys J18 scull

The girls J18 coxless quad crossing the line for an impressive 2nd place (l to r): Molly Curtis, Laoise NiGhriofa, Sarah Curtis, Rachel Trench

The girls J16 quad who finished in 2nd place (l to r): Isabella Gannon, Roisin Gavin, Roisin McGrath, Ellen Forde and Holly McHugh (cox)

Boys J15 quad (l to r): Tom McGuinness, Thomas Hume, Tom Kavanagh, Fionn Ryan

The boys J14 quad (l to r): Gavin Dempsey, Aaron deBurca, Mark Ward Eoin Creavin and Oliver Kelly (cox)

Competing in the boys J14 double were Dylan Finan (left) and Alex Morales-Glynn

The girls J14 quad (l to r): Amy O'Gorman, Emily Ryder, Lanah Acton, Kate Hume and Rachel Trench (cox)
Pictures below of the four 1st year crews


The victorious Bulls eight (composite crew) with Daragh Coen (5th from left), Brian Maye (6th from left) and Fionn Ryan (cox) in front

Some of the girls crews relaxing between races

Jes parents who travelled to Castleconnell